How do we foster artistic prosperity in a world increasingly dominated by digital technologies? Are there more challenges than opportunities in the current landscape of cultural production? How can we make a viable and sustainable space for artists, creatives and culture in general, in the digital context of Canada and the world?

We collaborated with HOLO.MG to produce the DIGITAL ECONOMIES READER. Check out the DER on their website to dig deep into the ideas and people involved in the project.

For our Digital Economies Lab, Artengine brought together a diverse group of artists, designers and other creatives to rethink the infrastructure of cultural production in the 21st century. 

DEL Participants: Macy Sui, Tim Maughan, Julie Gendron, Kalli Retzepi, Kofi Oduro, Swintak, Lee Jones, Jerrold McGrath, Michèle Champagne, Emmanuel Madan, Izzie Colpitts-Campbell, Suzanne Kite, Aaron Casey

Read full biographies for participants here.

This project was generously supported through the Canada Council for the Arts: Digital Strategy Fund.

We want to thank Jeremy Bailey for his generosity in helping this project with their wonderful insight, ideas and inspiration!

Team Members

Artengine: Ryan Stec (Artistic Director), Remco Volmer (Managing Director), Kseniya Tsoy (Project Coordinator)

Programming Committee

Jeremy Bailey (Famous New Media Artist and Lean Artist Founder – Toronto)

Sarah Brin (Strategic Partnerships at Meowolf – Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Jen Hunter (Consultant and Facilitator at Deloitte Greenhouse – Ottawa)