an online residency by Artengine and En Masse

Exploring unconventional collaborative art making across the gap of social distancing.

Deadline: July 6, 2020

Residency starts early August

Artengine and EN MASSE would like to invite artist teams to submit applications for an experimental residency program called COLLAB-19. This project is a direct response to the pandemic and the ways visual artists must evolve with the changing times, making work that must be communicated through online platforms and emerging digital realities. The goal of COLLAB-19 is to foster meaningful collaborations between artists as we draw together in a time of need, learning and growing from each other through a process of cooperation, challenge, and play. 

This 4-week residency provides artists financial support, so they can focus on creating together, developing simple and pragmatic solutions to make everyone’s work better as well as acts of solidarity that support artists at all stages of their career. The goal of the residency is to explore shared creativity and build new perspectives on collaborative practice.

For applicants:

  • We welcome applications from artist teams of 2 artists or more, with a broad range of cultural perspectives and creative practices;
  • Selected participants will receive a fee of CAD 2000 per team, plus workshops and mentorship;
  • We especially welcome applications when you are underrepresented in institutional creativity. 

Team projects will be evaluated on the presentation of collaborative intent, looking for the creative use of new and existing technologies to enrich remote team-based exploration. 

The goal of this residency is to learn from each other about new techniques, ideas, and methods. We want you to play, to practice active listening, and above all, to experiment at a respectful distance (of course).

In keeping with the spirit of EN MASSE, all final visuals will be presented in black and white.

3 Teams will be selected to participate in this 4-week residency. Zoom conversations, workshops sessions, artists talks and virtual studio visits will help each team navigate the process of creating collaborative works, while reflecting in very personal ways on each participant’s experience of the COVID-19 crisis.

How to apply:

To apply, please include in a single document the following:

  • Contact Information
    • Names of applicants (minimum of 2 artists)
    • Primary application contact
    • Address 
    • Email
  • CV from each artist:
    • 3 Pages max for each team applicant
  • Team Application – Scope of Project   
  • Residency Project Proposal (500 words)
    • Tell us about your collaboration 
    • Tell us about how using digital tools enhances your collaboration

Additional Suggestions: 

  • What excites you about this team and collaboration?
  • What are the challenges you’ve set up with this team?
  • Your relationship to collaborative art making in general?
  • Project expectations?
  • Images of your work: 
    • Image List
    • Maximum 10 Images per team
    • JPG only
    • Each Image 2MB max 

Please combine text and images into a single PDF document and send it to by July 6, 2020.

For more information or questions, please contact us at